Jesus Quintero: La pandémie COVID-19 a compliqué les affaires


Jesus Quintero, CEO of JQ Group of Companies shared his opinion with other business leaders in the world, revealing that although the physical presence and contact with the staff helps in creating the employee`s loyalty and sense of belonging with the company, the new situation has given him a different perspective.


COVID-19 pandemic has complicated business and our general social dynamics. But it has also given a chance to prove that responsibility and commitment in the workforce may make the difference when it comes to overcoming adversity.


Adaptability is a feature required for the success of every business venture, but a global event, such as a pandemic, is a test for private initiative and public management alike.


Every core value of the JQ Group has been vital to keeping on going forward through this new state of affairs. But Open-Mindedness helps overcome the impact of an event that shreds every project schedule planned.


As for the economic sector in which the JQ Group of Companies performs, Deloitte`s Global Real Estate Leader, Kathy Feutch, presented a well explained and logical understanding of the impact of COVID-19. In her document, Feutch divided the situations faced by the sector in the near and long term. The real estate business will be affected in the near term, but no critical damage is pointed out by the expert. In the long run, changes in the working location, and the dynamics of the supply chain will take place.


Like in all economic sectors, Real Estate leaders` management skills are tested in a way never seen before, making it easy for working paradigms to transform their outdated nature into more valuable insights. 


Jesus Quintero, like 3 in 4 CFOs, according to a survey from Gartner, Inc., changed his mind and realized that when employees work by goals and not by a strict schedule, efficiency increases. As stock market behavior has shown, the tools used to coordinate tasks, share files, and execute staff meetings, are being perceived as reliable for companies worldwide.

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