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Public Passenger Train Service Could Be Revived For Jamaica’s 60th Year Of Independence

Public Passenger Train Service Could Be Revived For Jamaica's 60th Year Of Independence

  Transport Minister Robert Montague has announced plans to revive the public passenger train service to culminate with Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence in August.   He made the disclosure on Monday during the launch of the School Train Service .   Mr. Montague told Radio Jamaica News that he will present a proposal to Cabinet for an extension of the railway.    He said the train service would provide an alternative since Jamaica’s roads are “choked with cars”.    There have been several failed attempts over the last two decades to resuscitate the public passenger train service, which ceased operation in October 1992.   It had a brief revival in 2011 but was closed the following year.   School Train Service    The first day of the School Train Service, however, saw a number of students being transported to schools in Spanish Town.    Students from Old Harbour, Hartlands and Linstead were transported to Spanish Town. They were then picked up by JUTC buses which took them to the various schools in that town.    In the afternoon, the reverse took effect.   Mr. Montague said 400 students who are on the PATH programme will be able to access the service.    However, he noted that that number was not realised on Monday because not all eligible students from the six participating schools have collected their cards to use the cashless service.    Students will be given a card with their number, name and picture, which will allow them to access the train and the JUTC bus.