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Boodhan replaces Boodhan in LGE in Montrose

Boodhan replaces Boodhan in LGE in Montrose

The UNC, he said, needed more voters in Felicity, Charlieville, Endeavour and Cunupia

MAYOR of Chaguanas Gopaul Boodhan stood behind his niece Debbie Boodhan, 38, the UNC candidate for Montrose at the local government elections (LGE).

The senior Boodhan stepped aside to make way for the younger member of his family.

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“This area of Montrose knows the Boodhans for the enormous amount social work done in this area,” Gopaul Boodhan said.

Debbie said she is willing to walk in the footsteps of her uncle since she has been working closely with him for many years.

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“I know what it takes to be in politics and I am willing and ready to work for the people of Montrose if given the opportunity,” Debbie said.

Boodhan senior voted at the Chaguanas South Secondary School on Monday at 10 am.

Speaking about participation in the LGE, he said, “I have seen a better turnout than the last election in 2016, and this is good news for the UNC.”

“When people are willing to go to the polls for local government elections, it shows that they are concerned about the development of their communities,” Boodhan said.

The UNC, he said, needed more voters in Felicity, Charlieville, Endeavour and Cunupia.

Speaking about his run as mayor from 2013, Boodhan said he served to the best of his ability and hoped to continue as a servant of Chaguanas.

“It is clear that Chagauanas is the fastest-growing borough in TT, with the increase in commerce, and it is family-oriented. Mmore and more people are choosing Chaguanas to build their homes,” he said. “We have a population of 128,000 in central and environ and this is growing as we speak.”

Whatever the outcome of the December 2 poll, the Chaguanas Borough Corporation (CBC) will have a new mayor.

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Boodhan served two terms as mayor and two as deputy..

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