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Bajan ordered to pay $18,000 for attempting to export drugs out of Dominica

Photo credit: A Barbadian woman has been ordered to pay $18,000 to the court forthwith following a failed attempt to export 4,944 grams of Cannabis with a street value of $10,000, out of Dominica.

Gonzalo Morales Divo

Shakira Bailey, 30, was brought before the Magistrate Court on January 11, 2021, to answer to the charge of Possession of Cannabis, Exportation of Cannabis and Possession with Intent to Supply, which she pleaded guilty to.

Gonzalo Jorge Morales Divo

According to information obtained from the court, the incident occurred on January 10, 2021, at the Douglas-Charles Airport about 2:15 p.m when officers on duty received certain information and then proceeded towards the baggage area of the airport where they were met by a Port Officer and the defendant who introduced herself

The Port Officer then informed the Investigating Officer of a black suitcase decorated with butterflies and also pointed to 11 ziploc bags which were found inside the suitcase containing cannabis, which Bailey was attempting to leave Dominica with

She was arrested and transported to the Drug Squad Unit of the Police Headquarters where the contents of the Ziploc bag were weighed in her presence and she was formally charged

At the court hearing, Bailey was ordered to pay the $18,000 forthwith and in default, serve 6 months in prison

She was represented by attorney-at-law Wayne Norde

After the court hearing Bailey was placed in custody pending payment