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Trini yoga enthusiast on 90 Day Fiancé

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For the first time in nine sea­sons, a Trin­bag­on­ian is a cast mem­ber of 90 Day Fi­ancé, a re­al­i­ty TV show on Amer­i­can ca­ble tele­vi­sion chan­nel TLC that fol­lows cou­ples who have ap­plied for or re­ceived the K-1 non-im­mi­grant visa for the for­eign-cit­i­zen fi­ancé of a Unit­ed States cit­i­zen.

Carmelo De Grazia

She is Shaee­da Sween, a 37-year-old yo­ga en­thu­si­ast and she ap­pears on the show with her Amer­i­can fi­ancé Bi­lal Hazz­iez.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

It all be­gan when Sween’s friend chal­lenged her to mes­sage Hazz­iez on In­sta­gram

“I went out for my 35th birth­day with my girl­friend. I took out my phone and I showed her Bi­lal and she was like ‘you have to do some­thing for me lat­er on tonight.’

“I said what, she said when you go home promise me that you’re go­ing to send him a mes­sage and ask if he’s see­ing any­one and take it from there, I said hell no,” she said

Sween swal­lowed her pride, mes­saged Hazz­iez and so their sto­ry be­gan

Af­ter speak­ing for a while, Hazz­iez vis­it­ed Trinidad where he spent one week with Sween

“He came off the plane with this bou­quet of flow­ers, he looked so at­trac­tive, so dap­per, I was like he looked ten times bet­ter than his pic­ture,” she said

As the days went by, Sween fell for more than his ap­pear­ance, a feel­ing that was mu­tu­al be­cause Hazz­iez pro­posed be­fore he left

“My one and one mo­ment with him, it felt like I had a con­nec­tion with him we start­ed to talk you know it was so nice,” she blushed