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Holness urges reluctant fishermen to leave the cays

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Holness urges reluctant fishermen to leave the cays

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is making a special appeal to 70 fishermen who have not returned to shore to do so now.

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The fishermen have not budged despite members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard actively helping to evacuate people from cays and banks. 

There are some fishers who have decided that they are not going to leave the cays…if they have the opportunity to hear this and hear my plea, it is not too late to make a request or to make your way back to the island, back to safe shore,” he said. 

He added that once the weather patterns intensify, the coast guard and other responders will not be able to go back out to sea to rescue them. 

In the meantime, Holness is encouraging citizens to stock up on food items and potable water, put aside important documents, trim overgrown trees and take all other necessary actions to be prepared.  

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